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Orpheus GM V1.041

by Virtuon

Uploaded on Jun 06, 2020 (and last updated on Dec 28, 2020)

I'm glad to introduce a result of 10 years assembling of General Midi compatible good sounding Soundfont with deep dive into sf2 technology. Patches are well looped/equalized/balanced and sound as much live as possible. Drumsets are compatible with GS/XG. One day I understood it's too good to own it myself. Enjoy and have fun! Sound demos: Change Log: V 1.0 Initial Public Release V 1.01 The new Grand Piano...

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Helper for MusESequenzer

by Bernd Mullet

Uploaded on Sep 25, 2019 (and last updated on Sep 26, 2019)

In idf-Dateien are instrument-configuration-files to use it in the MusE Sequenzer ( In 'Tabellen zum Bearbeiten v Muse-idf-Dateien' you find open-documend-spreadsheets (ods) used by LibreOffice or OpenOffice, to create lines for the idf-files. Idfs are xml-files can be red by MusE. So you can use a simple .TXT-file-editor to edit them, but keep the syntax. ! I created these files for myself, so they are in german. So don't be worry, the few wor...

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Wtfpl small Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License 2.0
Extra considerations: I beg you to use it to benefit love, peace, freedom, saveing habitat and stop violence, torture, repression. thx.

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MT32 (CM64-L / LAPC-1) Hedsound [GM remap]

by Ziya Mete Demircan & hakerg

Uploaded on Jul 01, 2019 (and last updated on Jul 01, 2019)

This is a GM-compatible version of the soundfont available here:

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Download (8.57 MB)
2019: v2.0 (new) what's new: -over 50 instruments to use! directly extracted. -new drums and instruments were added! -loop points fixed -now the whole soundfont is in GM/GS!

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Script for drawing outline of Stick Quintar

by Hans Bezemer

Uploaded on Sep 30, 2015 (and last updated on Dec 30, 2015)

You can design your own stick Quintar with this script. Alter it to your liking in a simple text editor. Download FreeCad and paste this script in the Python Console (View-->Views-->Python Console). You can find more info on building your own Quintar here. You can check this and this link for more background info. Demo A short clip of the low Z pickup, showcasing the low end of the Quintar. The clip was recorded directly without any effect or what so ever. While ...

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