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This is cool!
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Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra (Full SF2)

by SonicLover 19

Uploaded on Oct 17, 2019 (and last updated on Oct 17, 2019)

Thanks to Sf2Patcher (, I combined all the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra soundfonts into one soundfont, so you can have access to all the presets.

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This is cool!
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Bubsy (SNES) Soundfont

by 48 LAC

Uploaded on Oct 13, 2019 (and last updated on Oct 16, 2019)

What could possibly go wrong? Nice and very clear samples taken from the infamous first Bubsy game.

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By small Creative Commons BY 3.0 Unported
Extra considerations: Accolade

This is cool!
Download (247 MB)

Sensual Saxophone- Andres H.rar

by Anonymous

Uploaded on Oct 12, 2019

I don't own this version, I just wanted people to have it as a backup. If you want to use it without having to use it only 30 Mins at a time, then you'll need the full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 and higher. But if you don't mind this limitation, just download the free version of Kontakt. Also, the password for the zip file is andreshernandez.

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This is cool!
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DX7 Fulltine Piano & French Horns Synth

by Daindune

Uploaded on Oct 11, 2019 (and last updated on Oct 11, 2019)

This SoundFont is a DX7 Fulltine EPiano With French Horns Mixed Together. You can use it in a cover of Training Montage from Rocky IV. Or as a regular Synth. Enjoy!

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