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This is cool!
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Native Instruments - Brass ensemble And Strings ensemble SoundFont Version v1.3.1 (Downloadable version)

by Xhomie3 or XNX team

Uploaded on Dec 01, 2021 (and last updated on Dec 03, 2021)

Full information:

What is Brass and strings ensemble?

Brass and strings ensemble is an kontakt instrument aka Symphony series collection its an orchestra set like that. We only included 2 of them and its brass and strings and we made into an soundfont version on it because why not...

Download the Instruction file it will teach how to download it

FIle size is 1gb+ but the archive is only 400mb+ (Compressed)

All full information is on the archive!


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All Rights Reserved to Xhomie3 or XNX team
Extra considerations: All samples are from native instruments