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real vibraphone


Uploaded on Sep 19, 2023 (and last updated on Sep 19, 2023)

Various vibraphone sounds ripped from Tachoir's tutorial from YouTube 16 khz resolution, and a register of 3 octaves I amplified some details, for a more vibrant sound and better texture Total: 7 samples

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By small Creative Commons BY 3.0 Unported
Extra considerations: Feel free to use this

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Download (560 KB)

Triangle mute and open


Uploaded on Aug 21, 2023

This soundfont contains three variations of a real sounding triangle effect. A muted sound, a open variation (more melodic effect) and a sharp triangle sound, with more texture.

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By small Creative Commons BY 3.0 Unported
Extra considerations: Feel free to use this

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Melodic Cuica Soundfont

by Sizz Tuna

Uploaded on Jul 04, 2023 (and last updated on Jul 05, 2023)

A melodic cuica soundfont created to help somebody out with a Checker Dance arrangement. Made by pitching the mute cuica sound from the Musescore 3 general soundfont up and down in Audacity, and then stitching the samples together in Polyphone.

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By sa small Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 International
Extra considerations: I'm not the best at reading legal jargon, but the gist I'm going for is that if you create and upload a modified version of this soundfont, it must also be free for people to use and you must reference back to this one as the original. If you wanna use this soundfont in any music projects, however, you're free to do so without any attribution to me, and can copyright your music however you'd like.

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Download (28.3 MB)
Update 05/29/2023: No changes to the zip file at this time, but the tags and other artifact information have been edited to be more accurate. This is my collection of Taiko drum files, collected from two main sources: The Taiko Drums recorded by Jason Champion, found on; and the collection and soundfont created by S. Christian Collins; found on and collected from Subaqueous and whatsanickname4u. Unzipped size: 41.8 M...

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Various Licenses
These files are made available through a mix of different licenses. Read the description, more info links, file contents or contact the author in order to get the full information.
Extra considerations: To be safe, I recommend attributing Jason Champion, S. Christian Collins, Subaqueous, and whatsanickname4u as the sources of the Taiko drums. If you wish to attribute me as the curator of this collection, please use the attribution "Servetier".

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Download (232 KB)

CalculatorSF GM

by stgiga, sleaf, Marcel J. Therrien, JS121, evnchn, 5700CB/Cirnomiji/Pezbeth

Uploaded on Apr 26, 2023 (and last updated on Sep 06, 2023)

Ask and you shall receive: A GM SoundFont by me, stgiga, of those musical calculators that was turned into an incomplete and non-GM SoundFont by evnchn on Github, but now including a drumkit (the Controller Click from Marcel J. Therrien's Gamer's Orchestra to represent calculator keypresses), and SFX (Pencil from JS121's SFX, to fit the math theme.) sleaf (maker of the old DSoundFont Ultimate and its much better successors Enchant! and ETERNAL!) helped fix the balance, whi...

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Download (24.7 MB)

Roland JV-1080 Drums (SF2)

by W. Duwindu Tharinda Perera

Uploaded on Mar 07, 2023 (and last updated on Mar 08, 2023)

This includes samples mainly sourced from this webpage; Other than that, a few samples from Thomas K's Roland JV-1010 (Volume Fixed), Roland SC-55 by EmperorGriefus, and ColomboGMGS2 was used to cover up some parts that weren't covered by the aforementioned webpage. Assembled to be GM-Compatible, and I was able to finalize it within a single day. Changelog: 3/7/2023 15:04 GMT - Added SFX, Ethnic (88), Asia (88) and CM32/64 kits, ...

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Download (15.4 MB)

Versilian Studios - Marimba

by Daindune

Uploaded on Aug 14, 2022 (and last updated on Aug 14, 2022)

This soundfont has two velocity layers. Sounds come from Versilian Studios. Great for Mexican, Easy Listening, Classical, African, and Percussion music. i do NOT own any of this.. i just wanted it to be on here. Enjoy.

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This is cool!
Download (1.48 MB)

Drum Kit Set

by Ricardo Rojas

Uploaded on Jan 26, 2022 (and last updated on Jan 27, 2022)

English This is a drum instrument soundfont created by me the samples are free and can be used by any soundfont Español Este es un soundfont de instrumento de batería creado por mi las muestras son gratuitas y puede usarlas cualquier soundfont

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