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beatnik player for mobile audio
This is cool!
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[Release] Nokia Audio Suite 1 (Nokia 3220 Profile)


Uploaded on Aug 20, 2018 (and last updated on Aug 20, 2018)

This is the response for the bad work of brian bylocura ^^ Worked under NOKIA SDK. 3MBGMGS. Supported perfect on all players. *VirtualMIDISynth and BASS of UNSEEN the sound is same of VST of nokia and others players the sound is the original of 3220. to make 100% Nokia 3220 GS add this opt -A,100 opt -V1 !Enjoyment! Acclaim If you share or modify please keep credits, the work is not 100% easy because i need decode the modulators used by nokia.

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By small Creative Commons BY 4.0 International
Extra considerations: Nokia Corporation 2002

This is cool!
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Beatnik Sound Builder [Featured Pack 1.2]

by Beatnik

Uploaded on Jan 24, 2018 (and last updated on Jun 08, 2018)

The best midi player of the world with MXMF LEVEL 2++ support "Any Kernels with v2.0 is final Release" Audio Kernels Series 40 3rd Edition FP2 v1.9 Nokia Audio Suite 3 "Nokia 5200 Profile" Series 40 3rd Edition FP1 V1.0 Nokia Audio Suite 2 "Nokia NGAGE Profile" Series 40 2nd Edition V0.5a Nokia Audio Suite 2 "6230I MXMF Profile" Huawei Audio Suite 1 (Not supported) [Android Soundfont based on FM Synthesis, called OPL-3] Huawei Audio Suite 2 v2.0 (Work Paused) MultiO...

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All Rights Reserved to Beatnik
Extra considerations: All Kernels created by MIDAPMI (Contact info DLS2++ programmer

This is cool!
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HUAWEI AUDIO SUITE 2 [U2801 Profile] (Suspended 11.5% completed)


Uploaded on Oct 06, 2017 (and last updated on May 02, 2018)

Huawei u2801 Kernel for Beatnik Not supported by midiplayer or any bass player because this synth engine doesn't support all 2.04++ modulators. Project Suspended why my grandmother as missed the phone. If i will obtain any phone similar, i will resume the project of immediately. Sorry the issues. Greetins!

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By small Creative Commons BY 4.0 International
Extra considerations: HUAWEI Tecnologies co. LTD

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