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This is cool!
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Beatnik Sound Builder [Featured Pack 1.3f]

by Beatnik

Uploaded on Jan 24, 2018 (and last updated on Sep 01, 2018)

The best midi player of the world with MXMF LEVEL 2++ support

"Any Kernels with v2.0 is final Release"

DLS Synthesis:

*Nokia Audio Suite 1 "Series 40 2nd FP1 edition and lower" Nokia 3220 SDK

*** Nokia Audio Suite 2 "Series 40 2nd Edition FP2" [6230i MXMF]

** Nokia Audio Suite 3 "Series 40 3rd edition or S60 2nd Edition and lower" Nokia 7260 VST

  • Nokia Audio Suite 4 "Series 40 5th Edition FP1" Nokia 6500

***Nokia Audio Suite 5 "Symbian 60 5th edition" [Nokia 5230 SDK]

Details * Version final, don't will have more updates. ** Will have updates soon. *** WIP **** Evaluating possibilities for make the DLS synth .


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All Rights Reserved to Beatnik
Extra considerations: All Kernels created by MIDAPMI (Contact info DLS2++ programmer

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