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This is cool!
Download (434 MB)
"Tyroland" (a layering of the Yamaha Tyros 4 and Roland JV-1010) [fixed and improved yet again&again] 34 Month Anniversary Edition (Now with better 8850 support!)

by stgiga, Milton Paredes/MPJ Studios/MP Factory Studios/MPJ Factory Studios, RolandKnight, niltwill, Thomas K.

Uploaded on Sep 25, 2020 (and last updated on May 26, 2023)

I, stgiga, made this layered mashup of the Yamaha Tyros 4 fixed Soundfont by Milton Paredes (which was fixed by RolandKnight) and the JV-1010 Soundfont. This results in a layered GM bank with snazzy timbre and it sounds really really good with many MIDIs. The acoustic guitar is really realistic, among others.

I hope that you enjoy this!

No quality was sacrificed during the making of this.

A second link is here:

OG version:


Throwback version: Or


Volumes have undergone helpful change.

More t4 Tyros love was added. Please redownload.

Even more Tyros love has been added, pizzicato strings, grand piano, vibraphone, and brass are richer, while still not departing from the premise of this bank.

Volume has been improved yet again. Please redownload.

Tyros 4 info updated.

Another info update.

More clarity about JV1010, plus other info updates.


Realized that vintage means 20+ years old (The Roland JV-1010 was released in 1999)

Important stereo fixes have been done. Please redownload.

XG+GS SFX have been implemented via digging in the SFX kit, and SC-8850 Vocal Effects have been implemented via digging in the Vocal Effects kit. Please redownload.

Yet another significant bugfix. Please redownload.

Updated links.

Thanks for ~20k DLs!

Major updates. Please redownload.

Scratch that

added link back: Wootwoot for officially 20K dls

Updated mirrors and tags because is down right now

Thanks for 43K DLs!

Added Demo video

Major update, now has GS and fixed pitch ranges, still is Tyros4+JV1010, PLEASE redownload! Thanks for 45,250 downloads on this SF2, which celebrates its 22nd Month Anniversary today, July 25th, 2022 (in my timezone.)

On same day as earlier update: More GS and XG love, still is Tyros4+JV1010.

The next day: More GS patches, still is Tyros4+JV1010. Please redownload.

More GS patches yet again, no change in theme.

AND more GS patches, no changes in theme.

Added Throwback version, thanks for 50K DLs!!

Updated tags, thanks for 60K DLs. Future update coming in Summer.

Added the metric ton of SC-8850 stuff finally! Enjoy! Just in time for the 34 Month Anniversary

More Info

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