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This is cool!
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I'm stgiga, and this is my merger of my fix of the NESMaster96 GM remap of little-scale and drunkenjesus's YM2413 SoundFont with the Devan Wolf GM remap of the OPLL-2 bank from the Yamaha SHS-10, utilizing plgDavid samples. Thus this, in essence, a 2xOPLL bank, because the OPLL and OPLL2 are the same chip just accessed differently. The SHS-10 just uses custom patches a lot. This is actually a neat duet.

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This is cool!
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Yamaha SHS-10 Soundfont

by Devan Wolf

Uploaded on Sep 01, 2023 (and last updated on Sep 05, 2023)

25 available FM voices of the SHS-10 compiled into Soundfont form! Digitally sampled via emulation using the patch codes provided in the ROM dump by plgDavid. The first 25 presets of the soundfont correspond to the original transmit program numbers of the SHS-10's MIDI output. Also includes GM-mapped version via the Discord mirror.

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