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This is cool!
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FM tone nº 101 from EFFEC.FF

by Dekyo Ongen

Uploaded on Nov 07, 2019 (and last updated on Oct 11, 2020)

Another experimental mini-project. It just is a very small SoundFont that tries to recreate a 4-op FM tone data, which uses the detune parameter (DT). Found in the "EFFEC.FF" FM tone data bank from KAJA's PMD sound driver.

I know there's already various SoundFonts with this sound but I tried to recreate it my way. It doesn't sound 100% perfect, but doesn't sound bad either. I think it sounds very decent. It includes two variants, a monophonic and a polyphonic preset.

The only thing I couldn't remove from the samples was some "ladder noise" from FMPMD2000's WAV output; that's the reason why the samples have a slightly noise that sounds looped.

A lot of people in the Touhou community will recognize this sound as the typical PC-98 piano that ZUN used in his Touhou games 2-5. (Not the vibraphone one, though --I might try to do it later--).

I didn't added velocity layers to this SoundFont but you could do it by yourself. If you can't do it, post a comment. (Right now the "Show Comments" link isn't used very much, and people just don't press it anyway, that's the reason why comments aren't replied in months and/or years).



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Extra considerations: FM sound driver "P.M.D." (C) by Masahiro Kajihara (KAJA). FMPMD2000 FMP & PMD Music Player (including PMDWin and FMPWin playback libraries) (C) by C60. FM sound generator engine "fmgen" (C) by cisc. Note to people who make SoundFonts. If you wish to add this preset to your SoundFont and you share it, please give credit. Thank you!

File content

  • _101.sf2
    • 000-000 EFFEC.FF\@101 (Mono)
    • 000-001 EFFEC.FF\@101 (Poly)