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This is cool!
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by JJ MH

Uploaded on Aug 13, 2019 (and last updated on Aug 13, 2019)

This is Just a Short Mix of My Favorite Instruments From My Favorite Videogames GoldenEye 007 Perfect Dark Mickey's Speedway USA Donkey Kong Country EarthBound Super Smash Bros. 64 Super Mario 64 Capcom Power System 2 60s Rock Guitar MegaMan X1 MegaMan X2 Super Battletoads Star Fox 64 SMW2: Yoshi's Island Copyright: Capcom, Nintendo/Rare, Disney Interactive

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This is cool!
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Red Rokkit Drumkit

by stratotak

Uploaded on Feb 12, 2016 (and last updated on Feb 14, 2016)

Multilayered kit from various free samples I found on net.

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