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Kirby 64 Flute Push Restored

by Reza Khadafi

Uploaded on Aug 18, 2023 (and last updated on Aug 18, 2023)

source taken from Kirby 64 the Crystal Shards remember JD-800 HQ waveform is been restoring Game Samples Better 440khz rate version WAV Merged version a saving ready Stereo or Mono soundfont made By Roland..

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This is cool!
Download (1.32 MB)

RMan Strat Emulator II Soundfont

by Reza Khadafi

Uploaded on Jul 12, 2023 (and last updated on Jul 12, 2023)

E-MU Emulator II samples but Looking very similar 1988 Restored from a Korg M1 i've got Finally soundfont is end idea Late 80s into 90's Now Download available

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Yamaha MODX8 piano soundfont

by glassesglasses8

Uploaded on Feb 20, 2023

(No description available)

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All Rights Reserved to glassesglasses8
Extra considerations: recorded from the yamaha MODX8

This is cool!
Download (7.44 MB)

Toy Keyboard Soundfont 2.0

by That Animatronic Person

Uploaded on Feb 09, 2023 (and last updated on Feb 09, 2023)

I decided to remake my first soundfont since the other one wasn't really that good lol. This version includes stuff from the other one that I missed. I also fixed the noise in the background and the piano sounds better. This was made by audio ripping an old toy keyboard I had laying around. I then took all the samples and composed them into a soundfont. If you're wondering what the exact keyboard I used is, its an FI-1264

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