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Roland Cloud Projects L-Series & S-Series Samples

by Reza Khadafi

Uploaded on Jan 20, 2020 (and last updated on Jan 23, 2020)

Hi Dear Team Roland Cloud Development Project Sir My Name Reza Today Going Coming Soon In Year January 25 2020 For Now Public Released Available a New VST Software Introducing Finally Develop Working Upgrade Infinite Unlimited Maximum Voice Polyphony Mode Switch Update All User's Patches Performances Program Sounds Bank Including Over Multisample Extra Bonus General MIDI GM Support D Bank L-Series & L-70x From Audio Extreme Improvement Major Fixes GUI's Remember Including Features Make Unlock Editor S-series Sample Sounds Library & Advanced Virtual Analog Synth like a S-330 And RS-PCM ReSynthesized Pulse Code Modulation D-Beam Synthesis Technology Engine Samples Synthesizer Mix Generation Tone List Preset Wave Group Plugin Bring Ask Request The Best of Classic Modern 80's 90's 2000's Exclusive Roland S-50 S-550 S-700 S-760 S-770 RSB L-700 & L-7xx Archive Series Roland's LCDC Composer Series & LCDP Project Series R-8 W-30 JV-80 JV-1080 Fantom Original S X G (2001) & (2008) VSTI 100% SO-PCM & SN-R8-xx Cards :

  • SN-U110-01 Pipe Organ and Harpsichord
  • SN-U110-02 Latin and FX Percussion
  • SN-U110-03 Ethnic
  • SN-U110-04 Electric Grand and Clavi
  • SN-U110-05 Orchestral Strings
  • SN-U110-06 Orchestral Winds
  • SN-U110-07 Electric Guitar
  • SN-U110-08 Synthesiser
  • SN-U110-09 Guitar and Keyboards
  • SN-U110-10 Rock Drums
  • SN-U110-11 Sound Effects
  • SN-U110-12 Sax and Trombone
  • SN-U110-13 Super Strings
  • SN-U110-14 Super Acoustic Guitar
  • SN-U110-15 Super Brass

  • SO-PCM1 Cards : SO-PCM1-01 Piano Selections

  • SO-PCM1-02 Guitar and Brass

  • SO-PCM1-03 Rock Drums

  • SO-PCM1-04 Grand Piano

  • SO-PCM1-05 Accordion

  • SO-PCM1-06 Baroque

  • SO-PCM1-07 Orchestral FX

  • SO-PCM1-08 County/Folk/Bluegrass & SN-R8 Series 1 & 11

Sound Library :

  • SN-R8-01 Contemporary Percussion
  • SN-R8-02 Jazz Brush
  • SN-R8-03 Sound Effects
  • SN-R8-04 Electronic
  • SN-R8-05 Jazz
  • SN-R8-06 Ethnic Percussion
  • SN-R8-07 Mallet
  • SN-R8-08 Dry
  • SN-R8-09 Power Drums U.S.A.
  • SN-R8-10 Dance
  • SN-R8-11 Metallic Percussion Cards

All SR-JV-80 Expansion Boards 1 & 16 Series :

  • SR-JV80-01 POP
  • SR-JV80-03 PIANO
  • SR-JV80-05 WORLD
  • SR-JV80-06 DANCE
  • SR-JV80-08 KEYBOARDS OF THE 60's & 70's
  • SR-JV80-09 SESSION
  • SR-JV80-12 HIP HOP
  • SR-JV80-14 ASIAN
  • SR-JV80-15 SPECIAL FX Collection
  • SR-JV80-17 COUNTRY Collection
  • SR-JV80-18 LATIN Collection
  • SR-JV80-19 HOUSE Collection

All SRX Expansion Boards 1 & 99 Series :

  • SRX-01 Dynamic Drum Kits
  • SRX-02 Concert Piano
  • SRX-03 Studio SRX
  • SRX-04 Symphonique Strings
  • SRX-05 Supreme Dance
  • SRX-06 Complete Orchestra
  • SRX-07 Ultimate Keys
  • SRX-08 Platinum Trax
  • SRX-09 World Collection
  • SRX-10 Big Brass Ensemble
  • SRX-11 Complete Piano
  • SRX-12 Classic EPs
  • SRX-96 World Collection and Legendary XP Essentials
  • SRX-97 Jon Lord's Rock Organ
  • SRX-98 Analog Essentials
  • SRX-99 Special Wave Expansion

Upcoming February 1 2020 NEW Roland JD-800 VSTI's All SL-JD80-xx Expansion Card Boards :

  • SL-JD80-01 Drums & Percussion STANDARD
  • SL-JD80-02 Drums & Percussion DANCE
  • SL-JD80-03 Rock Drums
  • SL-JD80-04 Strings Ensemble
  • SL-JD80-05 Brass Section
  • SL-JD80-06 Grand Piano
  • SL-JD80-07 Guitar Collection
  • SL-JD80-08 Accordion

Working ALL Done! 💯


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File content

  • S-50S-550R-8W-30U-10U-20JV-80JV-1080.sf2
    • 000-000 Ac Piano Lpf
    • 000-001 Ac Piano Hpf
    • 000-002 Mellow Piano

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