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This is cool!
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GBFont Soundfont

by MaliceX

Uploaded on Jul 29, 2015 (and last updated on Jan 22, 2016)


This is a synthesized Soundfont, made specifically for Soundfont-based soundcards. Most preferably, the SBLive! The Gameboy waveforms consist of small-wave-use, to make strange-like sounds. In this case, Gameboy-rather.

My source is included, in case you want to continue it from the version you used last. It's in Audio Compositor format the source, so keep in mind, that if you run AC with it, make sure to map the wave files required, to the sample library. :)

BTW, most samples on the GB soundfont, are 'synthesized' so it sounds more like the real thing, using gameboy sounds. Just remember that it uses pretty much Polyphony. I'll try to use polyphony a lot less in a few later versions. ;)

What it contains

  • 5 GB wavefrms (Square, Saw, Saw2, Sine and Noise)
  • Drumkit. (Temporary maybe?)
  • Synthesized patches. (To sound like the real thing, using GBWave. :))


  • 1MB RAM. (it uses like less than 100kb anyway ;))
  • Sound Blaster AWE64/Live!/Audigy/Extigy or compatible.
  • 1024 Polyphony set.
  • MIDI volume set to 90%

What's new:


  • Revoked the really-messy LFO articulation and CC9x enhancements. (for the moment)
  • Cleaned up hell alot of samples -Added a 'cent' enhancement to replace chorused/phased samples. -Added Distorted Gits 2 -Added the EA2 preset thinger for MIDI-compatible effects


  • Huge 'difference' release:
  • More sample patches (now consists of 40+ patches)
  • Volume Fixes and tweaks.
  • Articulation re-maps.
  • Added GB Drums (incomplete)
  • Added noise waveform.
  • Many many many more crap that's changed...


  • Fixed the octaved instruments' loudness.


  • Fixed the note-limit problem. (extra wav files with their respective region)
  • Fixed Piano loudness
  • Fixed other various problems
  • Added 3 more patches (Overdr Git, Slp bs, Nylon git)
  • Included the ACP file in the package (For those who use Audio Compositor, and wants to see the source)
  • Included the GM list. (Some patches are removed, because i remove the names of what has already been done in the soundfont)
  • Other bugs I've fixed...


  • Realised wave enlargement wasn't helping the note limit.. different wav files may be in place in later versions... :(


  • Added Patch 48 (strings normal, slightly warbled)


  • Added Patch 1 (Brightened Patch 0)
  • Added Patch 20 (Reeds)
  • Octaved patch 21 (Octavocordions aka GB Accordions)
  • Currently working on the note-limit fix.. no improvement as of yet.


  • Re-sampled the waves AGAIN. (due to lack of improvement on the 'note limit'
  • Fixed a few loop ends on the waves
  • Now all waves are C4 note base. (they were previously 'recorded' overriden note bases)
  • Changed the readme. (It sounded a bit too mean)
  • Since the fix, the file size and ram consumption has raised from 1kb to 7kb.
  • Other minor tweaks, which i will not list here.. ;)


  • Fixed a tad flaw with a 'note limit' on the single wave files (still imperfect, will be fixed later)
  • Re-sampled the waveforms.


MaliceX does not take the responsibility to any damage caused by this Beta soundfont.

It is totally UP TO YOU on HOW to use this thing WISELY. If it damages your 'Boom-Boom Speakers' I will not take any responsibility, since I am not liable to damage your computer myself.

This project is not copyrighted, so the sources included are yours freely. But I would appreciate some credit for that. :)

I will NOT allow 'selling' or 'compiling' with this soundfont. As is.

Also, I am not affliated to Nintendo (R) nor any other company/person/etc.

This is a solo project, but is open-source freely.

But I MAY accept other improvements to this soundfont, into the 'official' releases. You will receive full credit of course. ;)

Links/Mirrors (Emulation News and downloads) (permission to link the file through here granted.) (My personal directory, domain offline sometimes)

There'll be more 'mirrors' as this project progresses.


GB emu authors, for their hard work on Gameboy (advance) emulation. Especially the sound engine. this is generally everyone..

Creative, for making a good soundcard :P

E-Mu systems, for their Soundfont format

Audio Compositor, for its style of font making.

Sonic Foundry, for their UBER-FANTASICO sound editor, Sound Forge. Geocities, for at least hosting my FIRST WORKING site.

Beta, for his free hosting service. :P this thing is mirrored you know. Emulation, for without it, there wouldn't be any 'console2pc' stuff. And myself, for having the inginuity and know-how shot of how to get around this crap. This is a solo project.. Technically, not, but all work is done by me. (except the programs and all. :P)


anu comments, give me a buzz at:

or try this:

  • AIM: MaliceX21
  • Y!M: MyScreenJR
  • MSN: MaliceX

anywhere else: MaliceX (if you can find me HAHAHA)

----------------------------------=END OF README THANK YOU=-----------------------------------------


More Info

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File content

    • gameboy synth.acp
    • gbfont.sf2
      • 000-000 Piaboy
      • 000-001 Brite Piaboy
      • 000-003 Multi-Piaboy
      • 000-004 GB Analog Piaboy
      • 000-007 Lil' git
      • 000-008 Chilesta
      • 000-012 Ma Ma Wim Ba
      • 000-014 G-Belz
      • 000-020 Reed Man
      • 000-021 Octavo-Cordion
      • 000-024 Nylonic
      • 000-025 Steelonic
      • 000-026 Gitar
      • 000-029 Distorted gits
      • 000-033 Sub-bass
      • 000-036 Boing Bass
      • 000-037 Bwah Bass
      • 000-038 Synny Bass
      • 000-039 Hard-synny Bass
      • 000-045 Stringy Bip
      • 000-046 GB Yarp
      • 000-048 Ringed string
      • 000-049 Swelling String
      • 000-050 Softy string
      • 000-051 Choral string
      • 000-062 GBrass
      • 000-063 GBrass2
      • 000-074 Supra Flute
      • 000-079 Sine-a-rina
      • 000-080 Square
      • 000-081 Saw
      • 000-084 GB git...
      • 000-086 Fifth T
      • 000-087 Ritz Saw
      • 000-127 Bang
      • 128-000 GB Drums 1
    • GBPerc
      • Kick.wav
      • Snare.wav
      • Tom.wav
    • gm list.txt
    • Noise.wav
    • Readme-GBFont.txt
    • Saw.wav
    • Saw2.wav
    • Saw2C6.wav
    • SawC6.wav
    • Sine.wav
    • SineC6.wav
    • Square.wav
    • SquareC6.wav