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coolsoft virtualmidisynth
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RLNDGM B001 P022 - Melodica

by Anugrah Pratama

Uploaded on Aug 27, 2019 (and last updated on Jul 31, 2021)

RLNDGM Roland GS Wavetable Synth Instrument: Melodica Bank: 001 Preset: 022 You have one instrument more full presets. How to get More a RLNDGM.SF2 Full Presets. Roland Soundfont Made in China.

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Melodica King O

by Anugrah Pratama

Uploaded on May 09, 2019 (and last updated on Sep 01, 2019)

Melodica or pianica is a small wind instrument that is played by direct puffing or using a flexible pipe connected to the mouth. Created by Anugrah Pratama Melodica Soundfont with synthesizer. Samples Used by

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