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FS-Gibson Les Paul I5; HedSound version

by Ziya Mete Demircan

Uploaded on Jul 15, 2019

Based on FlameStudios' giga sound fonts. *1

Hedsound has made it for you: Gibson LesPaul guitar soundfont with its unique timbre.

General Midi v1 compatible GS compatible. Includes 18 Patches compatible with Sound Canvas 55/88x & Roland midifiles. It takes up incredibly small memory space.

  • Noises and distortions were eliminated.
  • The sample area was narrowed and the size of the soundfonts reduced.
  • Best loop points set.
  • The parameters were reset and optimized.
  • Primarily optimized for The Musescore software.
  • Remaining optimizations for Fluid and BASS synthesizers were performed.
  • Improved sound quality of Soundfonts.
  • A 100MB soundfont has been reduced to 2.5 MB with special techniques.

Patch List

  1. JazzGtr (Gib.LesP)
  2. Gib.LesP (ClnGtr)
  3. -GibLesP CleanHalf
  4. -GibLesP OpenHrd1
  5. -GibLesP OpenHrd2
  6. -GibLesP -JC CleanGt
  7. -GibLesP -chorus
  8. -GibLesP -twin
  9. -GibLesP -flanger
  10. -GibLesP -front
  11. -GibLesP -rear
  12. -GibLesP -rich
  13. -GibLesP -midTone
  14. -GibLesP 12Str
  15. Gib.LesP Muted
  16. -GibLesP TC Muted
  17. -GibLesP -FunkGuitar
  18. Guitar Fret Noise



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