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violin detache
This is cool!
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Disco Strings for ORG2020 and others platforms (.instrument & WAV)

by Luzmar06musikitazbrz

Uploaded on Sep 27, 2022 (and last updated on Oct 05, 2022)

This sample is hard to find called Disco Strings sampled by me. Este sample es difícil de conseguirlo se llama Disco Strings ó conjunto de violines de la música disco. Sample for ORG2020/21/22/23, Additionally for other platforms. Sample para ORG2020/21/22/23, adicionalmente para otras plataformas. Formats- Formatos: WAV and .INSTRUMENT.

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Extra considerations: Hard to find - Difícil de conseguirlo. Este sample principalmente para componer música de la Era Disco. This sample mainly for compose Disco music. FOR ORG2020/21/22/23 APP, Additionally for Caustic, FL Studio, Kontakt, etc. (WAV format)- PARA LA APP ORG2020/21/22/23 ADICIONALMENTE PARA MUSIC STUDIO, CAUSTIC, KONTAKT, FL STUDIO, ETC. EN FORMATO WAV!!!!

This is cool!
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The Directwave Megalovania Library V1

by Micasddsa4000

Uploaded on Jan 16, 2021 (and last updated on Jan 16, 2021)

This is the BEST Megalovania instrument library, if you want to make a Megalovania, or you want to make a recreation, or you want to use the 64x bit version of FL, then use this! I wanted to make this because the definitive megalovania soundfont used a bad 1 sample shreddage, among other things, so i made this to fix all the problems. A Sample Library Version + Sf2 and SFZ Versions Coming out soon. +---CONTENTS--+ 3x Osc Presets + Channel States Instruments with built...

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All Rights Reserved to Micasddsa4000
Extra considerations: All Rights Reserved to respective owners.

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