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video game soundfont
This is cool!
Download (17.4 MB)

An incomplete pizza tower soundfont

by justsomegal

Uploaded on Nov 01, 2023

Just some of the samples from pizza tower that i sourced from here : if anyone wants to use this as a base for an improved version of this soundfont feel free, be aware that there's a lot thats not in here, and some stuff i can't get because its from a paid program or a live instrument recording

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This is cool!
Download (8.42 MB)

Music MonStars (DS) Soundfont

by JappaWakka

Uploaded on Oct 12, 2023 (and last updated on Oct 23, 2023)

This soundfont contains every available instrument in the Freestyle mode of the Nintendo DS game "Music MonStars: The Ultimate Music Machine" by Novarama, released in 2008! I recorded each sample manually because the vgmtrans software didn't work on this game!

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This is cool!
Download (10.1 MB)

Growtopia Soundfont

by coffeebug

Uploaded on Jul 01, 2023 (and last updated on Jul 04, 2023)

It's a soundfont with all the Sheet Music blocks of Growtopia as instruments. The samples I used are included in the desktop version of the game (/Growtopia/audio/notes). Most instruments also have extended range. In order, contains Piano, Bass, Drums, Sax, Spanish Guitar, Flute, Violin, Lyre, Electric Guitar, Mexican Trumpet, Spooky, and Winterfest.

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