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SuperSponge (PSX) Soundfont

by tahutoa

Uploaded on Aug 07, 2021 (and last updated on Aug 07, 2021)

The game itself is only occasionally fun, but the music is consistently stellar. A majority of it is to do with 4matt's exquisite composition skill, but another small part of it is owed to his excellent sample selection. Three years ago, SaladPlainZone directed me to the Development Archive for the game. Through it, I pored over all the game's .xm tracker files, extracting each and every sample. Over the course of two weeks I crafted, in several parts, what would become m...

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This is cool!
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Spongebob - The Fry Cook Games Soundfont

by brolookatyou

Uploaded on Jul 09, 2021 (and last updated on Jul 13, 2021)

This is a soundfont from Spongebob - The Fry Cook Games. The plug and play unit itself has a quite small sample collection, so it was pretty easy to assemble most of the soundfont. A few samples are missing and this doesn't have the sound effects. All credits go to Jakks Pacific, Nickelodeon and GeneralPlus.

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