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Kiara Klarinet

by Duplex

Uploaded on Mar 06, 2024 (and last updated on Mar 27, 2024)

Clarinet sampled from FlappyKFP main theme. Got inspired by some SiIvaGunner rips to make this, thought it sounded nice. Some guy in Japan made the original song I think The loop points are a little fucked up, but it's barely noticeable if you're only using short notes; idk this is one of my first soundfonts so it's bound to suck lol. If someone wants to try their hand at making a better version of this, be my guest

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Public small Work in the Public Domain
Extra considerations: Sample originates from Chris Hein Horns library

This is cool!
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J-nuki's clarinet


Uploaded on Sep 20, 2023

The beautiful sound of an orchestral clarinet, compiled from (J-nuki clarinetist) YouTube video. Has a range of 5 complete octaves, with many sound variations. Includes a total of 15 samples, with no filters or any alterations added.

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By small Creative Commons BY 3.0 Unported
Extra considerations: Feel free to use this

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Download (92.5 MB)
OLD VERSIONS; GO CHECK NEW POST IN THE SITE files list:1st ver. "HTF Season 1y2 Soundfont for Synthesia" 2020soundfont base: TrianGM ver. "HTF (Redmi Oct)" 2022soundfont base: SGM v1.02 In the download button of this page3rd & current ver. "GS for HTF"soundfont base: General User GS!!!) Copyrig...

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By small Creative Commons BY 3.0 Unported
Extra considerations: Just give respect for all the hard work i did here

This is cool!
Download (60.6 MB)
Well my friend, this is a compilation of famous sounds of the regional music of my country called "Banda Sinaloense" and other sounds of the North region of Mexico, so enjoy this pack please All credit goes to Drjassmusic, abisai ochoa producer, toru inaama and isis999 for the hard work of sampling I just simply compile my previous convertions of the original efforts of the creators PD for use the charcheta, please select preset 57 bank 8

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This is cool!
Download (5.5 MB)
Ok, Drjassmusic sample his own clarinet, for mimic "banda sianloense" music style clarinet, and he made it a free kontakt library first, but now I just simply add loopoints and convert it to SF2 sample library

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Download (15.6 MB)

Free Classical Soundfonts

by Unknown

Uploaded on May 08, 2020 (and last updated on May 08, 2020)

Just a collection of soundfonts that were salvaged from this page using the Wayback Machine: Clarinet in Bb Contrabass Clarinet Flugelhorn Alto Trombone Tenor Trombone Muted Trombone Tuba Soprano Recorder Alto Recorder Tenor Recorder Bass Recorder Martellato Violins Timpani Rolls Marimba Obviously I couldn't get all of them because either I would end up with a incomplete download, or get an e...

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Licensing Gray Area
These files have an unknown license, were obtained from unkown sources or were compiled from third party material.
Extra considerations: I haven't been able to find anything on the original website or in the soundfonts regarding licenses.

This is cool!
Download (962 KB)

Angelic Clarinet Soundfont

by Archangel

Uploaded on Mar 10, 2016

Hammersound Description: This is the second clarinet soundfont I did with a friend of mine. A 'Buffet Crampon R-13, 1953 edition' clarinet was used.I know that some sounds are no good, because my reed was sort of weird this day, and I didn't warm up. Watch for a new version soon! And give me your feedback so I can do better next time I record myself! Hammersound Rating: 10.0 / from 1 review

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