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This is cool!
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Blues & Rock Rack

by stratojaune

Uploaded on Sep 08, 2015 (and last updated on Feb 14, 2016)

Maybe you'll like to improve this rack when playing some blues? Or use a wild preset to deliver your hard lines? (Oh, beware of the general level if you put the GCB95 Wah on on the blues one;)) Have fun!

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This is cool!
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Reggae Rack

by stratojaune

Uploaded on Aug 10, 2015 (and last updated on Feb 14, 2016)

If you play reggae, maybe you can start with that rack and improve it.. made with a Telecaster, most of times bridge mic and all buttons up! hum, you are not supposed to activate all FX at the same time.. have fun!!

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