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This is cool!
Download (132 MB)

Splendid piano (136 MB)

by High quality sfs

Uploaded on Jan 25, 2021

The great sounding splendid concert piano. This is the 136 MB version of this soundfont, the most expressive soundong one. If someone knows how o reduce the size of this without sacrifying the expressiveness, feel free to drop a comment! Note: I don't own this, I just uploaded it here because it's pretty hard to find so I wanted it to be preserved. Enjoy!

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This is cool!
Download (426 MB)

Alex's gm soundfont version 1.3

by High quality sfs

Uploaded on Dec 01, 2020 (and last updated on May 23, 2021)

Description This is a gm soundfont I made because I didn't like the sound of the most popular soundfonts I tried. It's meant to sound as live as possible. I tried it with acoustic jazz, country and rock music and it sounds very good, even though I have to fix some things. Please let me know what do you think in the comments and report any bugs or problems. Also suggest me some improvements I can make to this to make it sound as live as possible, while keeping the size be...

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