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Playersounds Compiled '23

by plsf2

Uploaded on Feb 23, 2024 (and last updated on May 19, 2024)

Complete GM/GS soundfont with the latest samples and sound effects in entertainment since 2023, redefining each preset and it's subvariations with the latest recordings and techniques we could find in our encompassing video game library in an original curated soundfont. Have fun! Included in the .zip file are also 12 files that are meant to demonstrate each of the new custom instruments available in the release. Part of the 'Playersounds' series of sample sets, an offici...

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By small Creative Commons BY 3.0 Unported
Extra considerations: Usable for all variants of GM/GS MIDI creations, including unique recordings.

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Download (1.3 MB)

Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis (GBA) Samples and Midis

by Jackstarreal_yt

Uploaded on Feb 16, 2024 (and last updated on Feb 20, 2024)

I extracted samples from Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis (GBA) using gba2midi, along with the MIDI files. Now, I'm looking for someone who can create a Soundfont version using these resources. If anyone has the expertise and interest in this, I'd love to collaborate! Feel Free to add me on Discord! Discord User: jackboonchuy By Collaborating, you make the Soundfont and i can rip Samples (GBA Only) and Midis (Both GBA and NDS) and Soundfonts (NDS Only) from any GBA or NDS game y...

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Plants Vs. Zombies Soundfont (Improved)

by VladTheOctoling

Uploaded on Dec 30, 2023 (and last updated on May 19, 2024)

a soundfont with the instruments in Microsoft GS patch order. It's not the best but it's what I could do. fixed some loops. taken from the original soundfont made by Hexa. Added New Drunkit: Orchestra.

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Download (167 KB)

Lemmings (SNES) Soundfont V2

by Slimen

Uploaded on Oct 07, 2023 (and last updated on May 19, 2024)

yooooooooo I fixed some loops because I felt that the xylophone sounded strange, and also the electric guitar ALSO ADD THE COMPLETE DRUMKIT YEEEEEEEEEEE

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Download (1000 KB)

Namco Arcade Sound Emulator ver.2

by CupheadKrasueHTFBewilderHouseFan!

Uploaded on May 14, 2023 (and last updated on May 19, 2024)

This isn't organized as a normal GM soundfont, but it is a sf2 file that has a lot of Waveforms recreated from old Namco arcade games. You can make Pacman midis with its sounds if you want, or maybe something better... Make a midi song sounds like if it was made for a namco arcade game!!! This soundfont's menu/stacking: each wave has a 4 presets group, that includes: Continious Wave (also CW. It sound hasn't envelope and is sustained until the end. Decay (A simple enve...

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By small Creative Commons BY 3.0 Unported
Extra considerations: just credit my work research

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Download (2.05 MB)

Atari Games Sounds 1 Soundfont

by Xubor's Atari 2600 Weapon Sound FX / Mat

Uploaded on May 13, 2023 (and last updated on May 13, 2023)

40 Atari Game Sounds in one soundfont. Ripped from youtube, authored in Polyphone Soundfont Editor Polyphone Soundfont Editor; Credit goes to Xubor for uploading them. Source; Xubor's Atari 2600 Weapon Sound FX Enjoy

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Download (3.99 MB)

Game Creator (GC) Soundfont - UPDATED

by ThatOneWiiMattFan

Uploaded on Jan 24, 2023 (and last updated on May 19, 2024)

Sounds ripped by Rusty El Lego y su Amiguito or Rusty for short Soundfont by Me UPDATE STUFF: V2: Added the Drums (Kick, Snare, HiHat) Wind (Fluh) Frog (Wua) Note that the Kick is C4, Snare is E4 and the Hi-Hat is D#5 Game Creator is an app where you can create your own games on your Android tablet or phone. It works out of the box, you don't need to install third party plugins or other software. That app requires NO programming or scripting required.

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Download (23.5 KB)

Mickey's 123/ABC Soundfont (Amiga 500)

by N.Z

Uploaded on Oct 20, 2022 (and last updated on May 19, 2024)

this is my first soundfont on this website, however, it contains some note errors that i couldn't fix. but by the way please enjoy it.

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