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Download (5.81 MB)

Mini Genesis

by OnuteWORLD Server Ltd.

Uploaded on Apr 02, 2024 (and last updated on Apr 02, 2024)

Sega Genesis/Megadrive alternative soundfont from various games.

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This is cool!
Download (8.61 MB)

Sega Genesis (ym2612) Basses Soundfont

by Iskalim

Uploaded on Oct 27, 2023 (and last updated on Jan 15, 2024)

Hey I'm back! I collected the best, in my opinion, bass samples (FM patches) from Genesis games, but mainly from Sonic trilogy. Soft Used: Fl studio 20 Genny VST Polyphone Thanks for downloading and good luck

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Download (6.63 MB)

Sega Genesis (ym2612) electric guitars soundfont

by Iskalim

Uploaded on Oct 17, 2023 (and last updated on Oct 20, 2023)

I made this soundfond using a Genny and vgm files of Battle Mania, Time Trax, Thunder Force IV and other. Hope you enjoy it ! I'm also do demo song of this soundfond : In the future I will update this soundfont and also make a soundfont with genesis basses.

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Download (52.8 KB)

Ristar FM Patches

by Jody

Uploaded on Aug 14, 2023

This is not a soundfont I just wanted to share theses file with you guys if you are interested in making a ristar Sega Genesis soundfont I thought it would be nice to add this because nobody has mad a ristar soundfont yet let me know what Sega Genesis Patches you want me to add in the future

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Download (20.8 MB)


by Retro Player

Uploaded on May 21, 2023 (and last updated on Jun 10, 2023)

Some of Sonic 1, 2, 3&K, and 3D Blast's instruments packaged into a soundfont Update v1.1: Slight Drum Rearranging Update v1.2: "Polished" Sonic 3&K Drum and Orchestra Hit Samples Update v1.3: Added Woodblock-Breath Noise, New alternate version with DAC Samples from other Genesis games.

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This is cool!
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The Ultimate Genesis FM Patch Folder

by Foo Knee

Uploaded on Feb 21, 2023 (and last updated on Feb 21, 2023)

Are you feeling extremely retro? Have you always wanted to use the worst instrumentation possible in genesis trackers? Here is every instrument from the Ultimate Genesis Soundfont all in their original FM forms! most of the instruments come from MVS Tracker and the rest come from Sonic 1, 2, 3, and Knuckles Chaotix. Also included is samples from GenesiSF. This folder is designed for when you're finally ready to reach the final stages of Retritis.

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This is cool!
Download (359 KB)

Mean Bean Machine Drums

by BrianFan7650

Uploaded on Nov 19, 2022 (and last updated on May 19, 2024)

This is the Mean Bean Machine drums soundfont! If you have a DAW (FL Studio, LMMS, etc), you can use it for Mean Bean Machine remixes!

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