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Toy Story (Genesis/MD) Soundfont

by Traveller's Tales

Uploaded on Apr 17, 2024 (and last updated on Apr 18, 2024)

This is NOT a GM (General Midi) compatible soundfont! (As you can't just use this SF2 over any midi file and expect it to work out of the box). Did you ever wonder why the title and credit themes in 'Toy Story' on the Sega Genesis/MD didn't sound like FM synthesis? That's because it isn't; with some clever code, Travelers Tales was able to program a semi-functional Amiga MOD player to play the tracks. This video explains it pretty well:

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These files have an unknown license, were obtained from unkown sources or were compiled from third party material.

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Romancing SaGa 3

by _Scribbly

Uploaded on Jan 24, 2024 (and last updated on Apr 04, 2024)

A Romancing SaGa 3 soundfont! Enjoy! CREDITS Square Co., Ltd ArtePiazza Co., Ltd Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd Samples ripped by Masterlink on SMWCentral .BRR files converted to .WAV with Split700 Samples tuned, looped, and organized by _Scribbly Soundfont made with Polyphone Soundfont Editor

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Famicom Detective Club

by Nintendo

Uploaded on Dec 16, 2023 (and last updated on Dec 18, 2023)

Soundfont made from samples taken from Famicom Detective Club Part II.

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All Rights Reserved to Nintendo

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by OnuteWORLD Server Ltd.

Uploaded on Dec 10, 2023 (and last updated on Apr 13, 2024)

UPDATE: April 2024 update! Added bank 16 instruments! Previous update: February 2024 update! This soundfont is mainly used for almost new MIDIs that include GM and XG formats. It has a bonus soundfont file called "8-bit" version which is used for retro video game MIDIs with 20 kb of size!

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Download (8.84 MB)

Mario Kart Double Dash!!

by RunTheCoins/Kaiden

Uploaded on Nov 26, 2023 (and last updated on Jan 15, 2024)

A soundfont for the game Mario Kart Double Dash, originally made by RunTheCoins, and made GM-Compatible by yours truly!! Well, kinda. It was an attempt. Please let me or RTC know if it sounds more shitty than the original.

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