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This is cool!
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Big shot soda drum soundfont lmao

by Cringe Gaming 64

Uploaded on May 08, 2022 (and last updated on May 08, 2022)

title says it all, from the BIG SHOT soda commerical! 1997 kromer moment

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This is cool!
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Your Best Nightmare Drums

by Cringe Gaming 64

Uploaded on Mar 12, 2022 (and last updated on Mar 12, 2022)

name says it all, already has distortion edit: this is spamtons favorite soundfont

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This is cool!
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Pencil Soundfont

by Cringe Gaming 64

Uploaded on Oct 03, 2021 (and last updated on Oct 04, 2021)

a literal soundfont of a Pencil lmao edit: is supposed to be used like a drum kit

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This is cool!
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Amen Break Drum Kit Soundfont

by Cringe Gaming 64

Uploaded on Jun 17, 2021 (and last updated on Sep 03, 2021)

a soundfont i made of the amen break by using sound source separator ISSE. edit: updated the soundfont so its higher quality now, i added a better quality ride cymbal sound and a 2nd crash + drum roll, edit 2: updated the sounds, i added a hi hat, pedal hi hat, open hi hat, and a side stick, all were taken from other music the Winston's made edit 3: added brush sound

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This is cool!
Download (12.8 MB)

The YouTube Drums Soundfont (This one is bad, download Rythm Set Instead)

by dzrt

Uploaded on May 08, 2021 (and last updated on Jul 21, 2021)

A Soundfont made with a Youtube video from the channel “Play With Keyboard“. The original idea of making this soundfont was from someone I found in the comments called “Cringe Gaming 64“. Also, don't espect this soundfont will be good. Edit: I just realized that this thing is literally FPC

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