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Pixitracker Soundfont

by hqc

Uploaded on Apr 21, 2024 (and last updated on Apr 21, 2024)

Only for the first Pixipack, as making soundfonts is tedious I may make an updated one with more pixipacks and I was planning on it - expect that in the future.

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Updated Majora's Mask Soundfont (2024)

by supermumbo

Uploaded on Apr 21, 2024 (and last updated on Apr 21, 2024)

My updated version of the Majora's Mask soundfont by Xadra that fixes some issues (tuning, looping) and plays nice with FL Studio DirectWave. Credit for ripping the samples and making the original soundfont goes to Xadra. Enjoy!

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well this was My previous soundfont but I resampled to make it more close to a Ai synthesis instead FM layering and for saving disk space Ironically, I think that despite being an FM-based sound, I feel that it is one of those few sounds that the more Rompler-sampled instead of FM synthetized, the better consistency it has It is not for nothing that those keyboards that begin their brand with the letter K and Artificial Inteligenct Type 2 1994 synths are my favorites f...

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well, first after trying to sample the YCS FM korg based piano, well I feel it a little hollow in bass, so I mixed it with some extra dexed presets, to more closely resemble the bass sound of the 01w digipiano. but then I wanted to imitate a super layer like the 01W Dynopiano, so when I finished my heavy and bass sound preset, I dedicated myself to try to recreate the sound of the DWGS contained in the korgs of the 90s using bell like Dexed presets, which is usually the ...

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Meditation EP Concept

by 迎春心情

Uploaded on Apr 20, 2024

"Meditation EP" patch from Yamaha Genos NOTE: FM Synthesized Rhodes EP was used instead since THERE ARE NO CC0-LICENSED RHODES PIANO SAMPLES AVAILABLE TO USE!!

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Public small Work in the Public Domain
Extra considerations: FM Synthesized Rhodes EP was used instead since there're no CC0-licensed Rhodes Piano Samples available to use!

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