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Gervill Mobile Soundbank v1 (Nokia 3220 Profile) Rev 1.2 WIP


Uploaded on Aug 20, 2018 (and last updated on Aug 22, 2020)

Gervill S40 1st edition MIDAPMI Porting Mobile sounds to .SoundFont 2 Update Notes Old [url] [/url] is generic 1.0 Bryan bilocura Upgrade - Worked all samples from SDK (Don't contains any data of bylocura) - Fixed the volume values in all bank [size=8pt]Added multi-env for custom attack/release (in release can't be correct the shape by sf2 limitations that dont support curves[/size] 1.1 Revision in answer to 0.4 mb R...

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Gpl small GNU General Public License 1.0
Extra considerations: Nokia Corporation 2002

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