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This my merger and fix of the Hedsound MT32 soundfont and Hakerg's GM version. Hakerg had forgotten the fret noise which broke certain songs, so what I did to fix that involved me putting the Guitar Harmonics thing there. Also I did some link-related stereo fixes without affecting the MT32's special stereo. I also painstakingly made the SFX kit into individual GS SFX items, while also making Bird Tweet better. I mapped the SFX also into the MSB Bank 64 XG SFX bank so that ...

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Phoenix GS/XG/GM2/MT-32

by Jexu

Uploaded on Nov 03, 2020 (and last updated on Apr 19, 2022)

Previously called "JexuGMGSMT32", this is a project that i started in December 2019. In a beginning i did this for listen GS midi files in foobar2000 with a "SC-55-esque" sounding. But now is a multi-standard project, that includes a separated XG version and a exceptional GM2 mode. The soundfont is fully compatible with the Roland GS and Yamaha XG standards (by separated), and includes a GM2 mode that can be played in Falcosoft's Soundfont Midi Player, using the LSB bank ...

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By small Creative Commons BY 3.0 Unported
Extra considerations: The samples used in this soundfont are property of his respective owners.

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A group Acapella GS (GM.DLS level) Soundfont made with free sources. Features highly amazing range from 2 members of this group. progressively sips a matcha latte while riding in a spiral on a bicycle I, stgiga, have a high neutral voice with about as much tuning as a Calliope. I'm pretty sure you can figure out how odd that pitch is for ME to have and how fitting that tuning is if you take a look at my weebly that has my HiDef soundfont on it... I really should update t...

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