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midi clef
This is cool!
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tisawem GM&GS

by tisawem

Uploaded on Feb 07, 2022 (and last updated on Feb 07, 2022)

the first gs soundfont i created Before use, it is recommended to check the instructions in the compressed file

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All Rights Reserved to tisawem
Extra considerations: 请注意 1、使用除了鼓以外的所有音色,每个音符至少要播放0.1秒 使用鼓音色中,不循环播放的音色,每个音符至少播放5秒;循环播放的音色,每个音符至少要播放0.3秒 音符编辑不慎,用该音色库会爆音 2、©2022 tisawem 版权所有 若要商用,请在bilibili网页端或客户端搜索框输入:uid:367911078 找到账号“東北項目”私信;非商业用途一般不限制使用,但有几点需注意:可以改良,扩充该音色库再发布;改良,扩充时可修改音色库信息,但需署名“原作者:tisawem”:禁止出现以下情况之一的音色库进行发布:原样未改;只改了音色库信息及采样、乐器、预设名称;改了,但和没改几乎一样;改了,但改完没用;内含不良信息。 即使修改完,未修改部分以及不符合上述修改条件的已修改内容版权仍归tisawem所有, 以附带文档中简体中文内容为准 中国制造 Please note that 1. Use all timbres except drums, and play each note for at least 0.1 seconds In the use of drum timbre, the timbre that does not play circularly shall be played for at least 5 seconds for each note; The tone of the loop playback, and each note should be played for at least 0.3 seconds If the note is edited carelessly, the tone library will burst 2、 ©2022 tisawem .all right reserved. For commercial use, Open BiliBili client or website, enter “uid: 367911078” in search box to find the account "東北項目" and send private messages in this account ; Generally, non-commercial use is not restricted, but there are several points to be noted: it can be improved and expanded, and then released; Improved, the timbre library information can be modified during expansion, but it needs to be signed "original author: tisawem";If one of the following conditions occurs to the modified timbre library, it is prohibited to publish:Remain unchanged.; Only the timbre library information, sampling, musical instrument and preset name are changed; Changed, but almost the same as not changed; It has been changed, but it's useless;Contains inappropriate content Even if the modification is completed, the copyright of the unmodified part and the modified content that does not meet the above modification conditions will still be owned by tisawem. The simplified Chinese content in the attached document shall prevail made in China

This is cool!
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by EES Technology

Uploaded on Oct 30, 2021

I remember when WizzyWhipitWonderful used to play the bass drum for MVC sounding like cps2 originals before VGMtrans exist Ah the good old day, maybe this is a cheap and cheesy soundfont, but brings me memories when I start on the soundfont world

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These files have an unknown license, were obtained from unkown sources or were compiled from third party material.

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