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This is cool!
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Xylo Piano 1.1 (SFZ)

by Michael Picher

Uploaded on Feb 11, 2017 (and last updated on Nov 30, 2018)

This sound library is sampled from a toy that has two modes, which are obviously "Piano" and "Xylophone". You can access these modes via key switches. I made this virtual instrument so that is played back exactly like the original toy, right down to the quirk that necessitates that you press the keys down with a bit of force, in order for the hammer to hit the bells. If you don't, then you'll just hear the keys flailing and no tone. This is a great oddity to add amongst ...

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All Rights Reserved to Michael Picher
Extra considerations: Feel free to use this instrument in commercial or non-commercial works.

This is cool!

The Grandfather's Clock

by Soni Musicae

Uploaded on Aug 24, 2015 (and last updated on Aug 25, 2015)

This little soundbank gives you the grandfather's clock you ever dreamt of, and its true original tick-tack you need for suspense purpose. This clock has a special deep and heavy sound. The sounds are organized on the keyboard as follows : B2 : looped tick-tack as long as you press the key. C3 to B3 : All the strokes from 1 to 12, 1 hour on C and 12 on B, with the noise of mechanism. C4 to B4 : almost the same thing, but without the noise of mechanism. VST Version:...

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All Rights Reserved to Soni Musicae
Extra considerations: Before you download the soundbank, please read the license and conditions of use

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