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This is cool!
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The Fox and The Crow General MIDI SoundFont Ultimate

by Simone Piervergili

Uploaded on Jun 20, 2024 (and last updated on Jun 20, 2024)

The name could have also been The Fox and The Crow General MIDI SoundFont without the word Ultimate cuz this is a very terrible SoundFont! I made this soundfont in 27th February, 2022. MI PIACE LA TAURINA! E' BUONA! ECCO TENETE PRENDETE UN PO' DI TAURINA VA! VENITE QUA A PRENDE' 'N PO' DE TAURINA ECCO!

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Extra considerations: Uses samples recorded in real life from various instruments and keyboards using my old Samsung Galaxy M20 phone, LMMS, video games and stupid other soundfonts!

This is cool!
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This Includes 4 Casio keyboards (only 3 of which are actually used in HSR, I just included a PT-1 for funsies) and a soundfont I found of stinkoman 20X6 stinkoman 20X6: MT-65/68/100 soundfont: SK-1 soundfont: VL Tone and drums: PT-1 (edited by me) [...

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This is cool!
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Soundtrap Clean Guitar

by Simone Piervergili

Uploaded on May 19, 2024

I just started drinking Powerade because I need minerals these days and that hydrates me and helps me recover my minerals!

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Extra considerations: Soundtrap

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