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coolsoft virtualmidisynth
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SONiVOX EAS GM Wavetable 3 Variants

by Anugrah Pratama

Uploaded on Jul 29, 2019 (and last updated on May 26, 2020)

Sonivox EAS Includes ten files Version 1.71 hybrid171kG.sbk Soundfont 1.0 Bank hybrid171kG.sf2 Soundfont 2.0 Bank hybrid171kG.sfArk Soundfont Compressed Version 1.90 wt190kG.sbk Soundfont 1.0 Bank wt190kG.sf2 Soundfont 2.0 Bank wt190kG.sfArk Soundfont Compressed Version 2.00 wt200kG.sbk Soundfont 1.0 Bank wt200kG.sf2 Soundfont 2.0 Bank wt200kG.sfArk Soundfont Compressed With a Sonivox Label Floppy Disk 100% similar to native MIDI (no reverb) Frequency rate of wave sample...

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Download (224 MB)

MT32 (CM64-L / LAPC-1) Hedsound [GM remap]

by Ziya Mete Demircan & hakerg

Uploaded on Jul 01, 2019 (and last updated on Jul 01, 2019)

This is a GM-compatible version of the soundfont available here:

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RLNDGM.SF2 for SoundFont-Midi-Player-Android

by Roland

Uploaded on Apr 25, 2019 (and last updated on Dec 25, 2019)

RLNDGM.SF2 for SoundFont MIDI Player Android. 270 instrument presets, and 10 drum kit presets, GM compatible. Roland Sound Canvas. Assets usage: Most of midi used from Only those soundfonts, midi musics are use which had permissive license. However many licenses were hard to find. Musics are remake/remixes and may resemble an OST. In that case please let me know if you have problem with distribution of the musics. I will remove them :/ The assets used w...

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