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This is cool!
Download (13.5 MB)

Wii Music Soundfont

by Kazumi Totaka, Makarthenut

Uploaded on Aug 26, 2022

Have you ever wanted to make a Wii Music cover like AdamCrossing? But you just can't hack Wii Music, even using Wii Music Editor? Well I have the perfect solution! Introducing...the Wii Music (Instruments) Soundfont! With this, you can make your own Wii Music Covers without having to hack the game! It's ripped from the game's files so it's not some crappy fan-made one! Anyway, Have Fun! Thanks, Makar.

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Licensing Gray Area
These files have an unknown license, were obtained from unkown sources or were compiled from third party material.
Extra considerations: Some of the sounds like the Accordion and Banjo seem to be from the MOTU Universal Instruments Soundbank, but I don't know where the rest come from.

This is cool!
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Leads de Corazón Serrano 2 Cervecitas SF2

by Luzmar06musikitazbrz

Uploaded on Aug 25, 2022 (and last updated on Sep 01, 2022)

Pack de Samples de Grupo Corazón Serrano de Perú en la canción 2 Cervecitas.

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Various Licenses
These files are made available through a mix of different licenses. Read the description, more info links, file contents or contact the author in order to get the full information.
Extra considerations: Samples pertenecientes a Corazón Serrano de Perú.

This is cool!
Download (84 MB)

084.0mg all in one gm v1.1 bank.sf2

by Toru Inahama

Uploaded on Oct 30, 2021 (and last updated on Oct 30, 2021)

and this is one of the last soundfonts that WizzyWhipitWonderful used to play in Fl studio for his classical CPS2 originals, before he moves to use Sample ripping and VGMtrans soundfonts Enjoy the good old days with me, please

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This is cool!
Download (60.6 MB)
Well my friend, this is a compilation of famous sounds of the regional music of my country called "Banda Sinaloense" and other sounds of the North region of Mexico, so enjoy this pack please All credit goes to Drjassmusic, abisai ochoa producer, toru inaama and isis999 for the hard work of sampling I just simply compile my previous convertions of the original efforts of the creators PD for use the charcheta, please select preset 57 bank 8

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This is cool!
Download (8.41 MB)
First, DrJassMusic made the first samples on his Set de Banda Sinaloense, Next I just properly loop the iowa tuba soundfont by isis999, later I just add a anonymous tuba soundfont from the free classical soundfonts pack, and finaly mixed with the Toru Inahama Tuba soundfont, layering on velocity so enjoy it

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This is cool!
Download (2.53 MB)

Arika Orchestra Hit GM (PS1 Street Fighter EX2 Soundttracck Version)

by Mike77154

Uploaded on Oct 01, 2021 (and last updated on Oct 26, 2021)

I remember that in my old sample library I have this instrument, I just convert it to soundfont Keep in mind that THIS SOUNDFONT IS BASED ON THE Playstation Street Fighter EX2 Plus soundtrack (the arranged one), THIS IS NOT BASED IN the Arcade Soundtrack version, so please enjoy it I recommend you to test it with Kairi theme (Passenger of lotus) or with Shadow Geist Theme (Battle of the flame)

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Licensing Gray Area
These files have an unknown license, were obtained from unkown sources or were compiled from third party material.
Extra considerations: Not for commercial use

This is cool!
Download (24.8 MB)

Valiant Violin GM Compatible

by Giovanni Valentino with Mike77154

Uploaded on Sep 30, 2021 (and last updated on Sep 30, 2021)

Hey bro, there you have, Our friend Giovanni Valentino sampled his own Violin and made it first a free kontakt library, later I just adapt it to be General Midi compatible and attachable to your own soundfonts, so enjoy it PD: I am just learning how to add loop points, so I just have to do this with artificial loop creator, that alters the sample instead of using the most aproximated loop point, so that is the reason that layer with the original patch, but belive me, this...

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