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RetroDrums One

by Tic Tok Men

Uploaded on Aug 24, 2015 (and last updated on May 19, 2024)

These are samples of old drum machines I've collected over the years. Not all recordings were done in house (but all are free use licenses).

The sample set consists of several drum machines (listed below). Each drum machines sounds are spread out over each octave from C1 to C7. There are, in some cases, sounds from some machines that have been grouped with others. This is because that machine had more then 12 sounds. But, the basic layout is the same on each.

C = Bass Drum
C# = Closed Hi-hat
D = Snare
D# = Open Hi-hat
E = Rimshot
F = Low Tom
F# = Ride
G = Mid or High Tom
G# = Crash
A = High Tom or various
A# = Random Sound
B = Handclap

Drum Machines Used:

  • Casio SK1 Keyboard (C1)
  • Casio RZ1 Drum Machine (C2)
  • Sequential Circuits Drumtraks (C3)
  • Yamaha MR10 (C4)
  • Roland CR-8000 (C5)
  • MFB-512 (C6)
  • Univox Micro-Rhythmer-12 (Scattered about)

Bit Rate: 16-bit ; Sample Rate: 44,100 Hz ; Channels: Mono


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All Rights Reserved to Tic Tok Men
Extra considerations: These sounds are available for personal or professional use in musical compositions. You may redistribute the original zip files under the following conditions. 1) Samples must be redistributed FREE OF CHARGE. They are not to be sold without written permission of The Tic Tok Men. 2) The "read_me" text file contained in the zip packages must remain intact and unaltered. With that, download away and go make some music.

File content

    • retrodrum_readme.txt
    • Tic Tok Men RetroDrums 1.gig

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