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Diato: a diatonic accordion

by Soni Musicae

Uploaded on Aug 24, 2015 (and last updated on Aug 24, 2015)

Here is a sound bank of a small diatonic accordion, with 21 keys on two rows at the right hand, and 8 basses at the left, and a second stop that sounds lower. A diatonic accordion does not produce the same notes when you push or pull the bellows, and this makes this instrument not so easy to play... More, it has not all the semi-tones of its 3 octaves (from D2 to E5). With this sound bank, you can forget those drawbacks, because we have "interpolated" the missing notes, and all the notes are played in a same manner on a keyboard... This sound bank is available here in soundfont and kontakt2 formats.

In order to use a sound bank of a diatonic accordion correctly, you must know that the left keys are used to play accompaniment, and allow to alternate basses and chords, as you can hear it in a waltz. This instrument has 6 basses (C, D, E, F, G, A) and 6 chords (C major, D major, E major, F major, G major and A minor). In order to play them easily at the same time than the melody, we put them on the two first octaves of a piano, C-A0 for basses, and C-A1 for chords. So you can alternate basses and chords balancing fingers from an octave to the other. It requires a big keyboard with 88 keys, like a piano, or two smaller keyboards with at least 55 keys... To make it easier to use, left keys and right keys of this accordion are separate in different presets.

You must also know that, on the real instrument, the left keys can be played with the first or the second stop simultaneaously, but it is impossible to play the two stops together. It would be useless, anyway, because the reeds used by the second stop are the same as the ones used by the first. The second stop adds a lower sounding reed to the first stop. Please consider this if you want to use this sound bank in a realistic way.

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