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Tekiah, Shevarim, Teruah

by Starbirth Music - Martin J. Schiff

Uploaded on Aug 24, 2015 (and last updated on Jan 15, 2016)

Here are some free samples from Starbirth Music for Gigastudio and other samplers.

The first sample is for Gigastudio, and is a recording of traditional shofar calls played and recorded by Martin Schiff. Here are the details about the samples:

There are 3 different calls:

  • Tekiah - a long blast (varying lengths)
  • Shevarim - a wailing sound
  • Teruah - a broken trumpet sound


  • C4 - G4 - Tekiah (all notes, including half steps)
  • A5, B5 - Teruah
  • C5, D5 - Shevarim
  • E5 - low note
  • E6, E7 high note


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All Rights Reserved to Starbirth Music - Martin J. Schiff
Extra considerations: You may use them in any way you wish to make music either for your own use, or commercially, but you MAY NOT sell the samples, or include them in a compilation for samples for sale.