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This is cool!
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British Sounds Pack

by P.Z.

Uploaded on Aug 10, 2015 (and last updated on Dec 30, 2015)

there are lots and lots of brilliant Hi- Gain distortion patches, but I still haven't found what I was looking for ... :P

So, what I want is the feeling of standing in front of at least a true British half-stack, with all the dirt I need, but also some dynamics so I can turn down the volume on my guitar, play some nice and gentle notes and chords, then turning up again and making the whole thing roar ... Kind of back to the ancient days ...

OK, so I'm doing some experiments now. I got an 1980 Ibanez Artist, orginal pickups, running into a Fasttrack, then a Lenovo B560. Here I have Ubuntu studio with Jack, Guitarix, Ardour, all the fine stuff. And I'm using desktop speakers and a headphone.

The patches attached are very basic - not many effects, most of them just with a little ambient, so I can use them as a starting point for other stuff. (I'm not happy with the clean ones at all, so please ignore them) They are also not very different from each other, just different flavours or different drive.


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