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MT32 (CM64-L / LAPC-1) Hedsound version Soundfont sf2

by Ziya Mete Demircan

Uploaded on Jun 26, 2019 (and last updated on Sep 22, 2019)

Sounds, as in the original, are 32-kHz, 16-bit depth. Whether it's MT32, CM32 or CM64, the polyphony is as much as your computer allows.

You can use this soundfont directly in all software that can play / use. For software that doesn't directly support the soundfont, you should use it with helper software, such as VirtualMIDISynth.Describe what it is, how to use it, how it was made, etc...

All 128 Patches and Drumset is included.

MT-32 Map (Not GM or GS)

Warning: This MT-32 soundfont is not suitable for use with legacy sound cards that load soundfonts into their internal memory. You can easily use this MT-32 soundfont with VirtualMidiSynth software or modern music software. Note: This MT-32 sountfont is different from Hedsound's traditional soundfont. The reason why this MT-32 soundfont is so big is that some of the samples have a long recording time so that the simulation can be true. Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid this because LA Synthesizers work like a semi analogue. Information for those interested: If I made this MT-32 soundfont full featured, it would be at least 4GB. So I cut the samples and used loops. I applied a special technique because the joints of the loops should not be noticed. All instruments are recorded in stereo. However, some samples in the original MT-32 module are actually mono. The MT-32 software uses a built-in system to send these samples to the audio output as a stereo. I left the instruments in stereo to preserve the original feature of the MT-32. If I have time, I think I can optimize them in later releases.


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