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Beatnik Mobile Banks (Unencrypted .dls files)

by Beatnik Inc.

Uploaded on Apr 20, 2019 (and last updated on Apr 24, 2019)

The sound banks bundled with Beatnik Player for Mobile Audio, unencrypted.

Includes: the 30KB, 50KB, 60KB, 100KB, and 300KB soundbanks

The 100KB bank is used in cheap SE phones like the T250i/K330/T280i, and cheap Sagem phones.

File content

  • Beatnik_Mobile_Banks.zip
    • Mobile_0050_base.dls
    • Mobile_0060_base.dls
    • Mobile_0100_base.dls
    • Mobile_0300_base.dls
    • Mobile_0030_base.dls