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This is cool!
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Casio CTK-230 SoundFont

by Dekyo Ongen

Uploaded on Jun 12, 2018 (and last updated on Mar 24, 2020)

This is a SoundFont of my Casio CTK-230.

Months ago I started to make this SoundFont, only the piano presets. But on June 9 I started to continue it, and finally I completed it. I have sampled and also recreated the loop points in each sample, to save space and prevent this SoundFont from being large. There are some presets that I have not recreated because the envelopes that were used for those presets are not possible using the parameters that the SoundFont 2.1 format offers; the same goes for the sound effects of this keyboard. And for that reason, some presets are not going to sound like the original thing, the examples are "Clavelectro" and "Harpsichord". I've not included the sound effects (SFX) of the keyboard, in this SoundFont. Keep in mind that I did what I could and what was within my reach.
Therefore, enjoy this SoundFont with really cheap sounds!
Note: It's not compatible with General MIDI. Please use it without sinc interpolation.
As of 24/03/20, I fixed the following presets: 008 "Harpsichord", 009 "Clavelectro", 014 "Church Organ" and 015 "Pipe Organ". Both of the organ presets use a SA-styled reverb, so I tried to implement a SA-styled reverb emulation using the SF2 format.

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