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This is cool!
Download (5.08 MB)
WCW/NWO World Tour/Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 soundfont

by HandlebarOrionX

Uploaded on May 07, 2018 (and last updated on Mar 10, 2021)

This was the easiest one to rip, and my god is this one sexy and awesome soundfont. Like my last one every instrument is it's own separate sf2 file

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File content

    • Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 WCWNWO World Tour
      • Melodic
        • Bass.sf2
        • Distorted guitar blewwwwwwDEW.sf2
        • Distorted guitar buzz.sf2
        • Distorted guitar fast riff.sf2
        • Distorted guitar gallop.sf2
        • Distorted guitar high pitched squeal be careful it may hurt.sf2
        • Distorted guitar melodies oh my god I love this.sf2
        • Distorted guitar PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING.sf2
        • Distorted guitar punk rhythms.sf2
        • Distorted guitar really good riff.sf2
        • Distorted guitar rhythms 2.sf2
        • Distorted guitar rhythms 3.sf2
        • Distorted guitar rhythms.sf2
        • Distorted guitar.sf2
        • Guitar feedback maybe could still be trumpets.sf2
        • Horns short.sf2
        • Horns.sf2
        • Impact Hit.sf2
        • Muted trumpets.sf2
        • Ring bell DING (usualy from getting hit in the crotch).sf2
        • Strings.sf2
        • Synth DIIIIINNNNNNnnnnnng long.sf2
        • Synth DIIIIINNNNNNnnnnnng..!
        • Synth PEEEEWWwwwwww...!
        • Synth twang.sf2
        • Synthy twangy guitar that sounds a bit boy bandish.sf2
        • Triumphant trumpets.sf2
        • Trumpets.sf2
        • Two SEXY guitar licks.sf2
      • Percussion
        • Drums.sf2
        • PUUMT.sf2