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This is cool!
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Bomberman 64 The Second Attack soundfont

by HandlebarOrionX

Uploaded on May 05, 2018 (and last updated on Jan 13, 2019)

It's the best I could do. Everything's in it's own separate sf2 file though

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These files have an unknown license, were obtained from unkown sources or were compiled from third party material.

File content

    • Bomberman 64 The Second Attack soundfonts
      • Percussive
        • Techno snappy hi hats and a drum that goes JYOUT.sf2
        • Timpani loop.sf2
        • Techno kick 2 fast 2 furious.sf2
        • Techno kick 1.sf2
        • some interesting drums.sf2
        • Well I said what about breakfast and Timpani.sf2
        • Technorim clacks and tambourine.sf2
        • Woodblock CLACK.sf2
        • Techno kick 4 return of the clack.sf2
        • Kick drum it_s all in the might.sf2
        • Techno drums 3 the tambourining.sf2
        • Sexier drums.sf2
        • Hii hat tst.sf2
        • Almost spoopy distorted drums.sf2
        • Techno drums with a tinny echo this time!.sf2
        • Doinky drums.sf2
        • Techno bump and rat tom.sf2
        • Distorted drums.sf2
        • Tambourine gonna get yourself with this one yo.sf2
        • Nickel drums.sf2
        • Sickly drums.sf2
        • Drumroll please.sf2
        • Boomshaka beat drums.sf2
        • Techno drums 2 electric boogaloo.sf2
        • clackitty drum loop.sf2
        • Rat tom that sounds like it_s from Mega Man Legends.sf2
        • Ride dat hi hat.sf2
        • 808s and heartbreaks.sf2
        • Crash Symbol.sf2
        • 80_s pop BOM.sf2
        • Shake shake shake senora.sf2
        • Really distorted drums.sf2
        • Rat tom.sf2
        • Bongo boopitty bop.sf2
        • drum loops that sound like a bowel movement.sf2
        • Techno drums.sf2
        • Distorted drums 2 Day Of Destortion.sf2
        • Distorted drums 3 Quest For The Overbearing Ping Sound.sf2
        • Rim hit giggitty giggitty.sf2
        • Carribian sounding rat tom.sf2
        • Bomb.sf2
        • A drum that goes PTHEH.sf2
        • Clackitty hi hat.sf2
        • Loud azz drums.sf2
        • Slippy kick.sf2
        • Bongo a go go.sf2
      • Melodic
        • Synth nylon guitar.sf2
        • Synth bass that goes GNYAULUALUH.sf2
        • Synth distorted GLYAOLAOHLH.sf2
        • Trumpet Loooow...sf2
        • Tuba fart that sounds like a sad sitar the further you go up.sf2
        • Synth pad that sounds kinda breathy.sf2
        • Synth smooth funky dink.sf2
        • Synth bass stareo is on some Toni Braxton level isssshhhh.sf2
        • Vibraphone in da house.sf2
        • Violin and nylon guitar together for the first time.sf2
        • Synth slap bass oooooh yeeeeah.sf2
        • Synth strings.sf2
        • Synth high strings.sf2
        • Trumpet High!.sf2
        • Synth stereo distorted BLEOULOUL.sf2
        • Synth Bass fishing.sf2
        • Nylon guitar definitely this time.sf2
        • Funky synth bass.sf2
        • Synth bass that sounds like bees and farts but it_s good.sf2
        • Harp.sf2
        • Pan flute a too toot.sf2
        • 8-bit DOOP.sf2
        • Synth bass farts.sf2
        • Church bells.sf2
        • Honestly I don_t know what this is but it goes BWAAAH.sf2
        • Synth banjo DOOT.sf2
        • 8-bit deet.sf2
        • Harpsichord I think.sf2
        • 8-bit even better much cuter echoing deet.sf2
        • Magical stereo strings.sf2
        • Low choir voice boys.sf2
        • Soft choir.sf2
        • Orchestral hits I think. I_m sleepy it_s taken a while to rip this
        • 8-bit echoing deet (this is awesome btw).sf2
        • High voice choir AHH.sf2
        • Pizzicato in stereo!.sf2
        • Overbearing church organ.sf2
        • Synth acordian I believe.sf2
        • BUB scat.sf2
        • DAB scat.sf2
        • Church Organ.sf2
        • Cute little bell pad.sf2
        • Spoopy breath.sf2
        • DOODABOP scat.sf2
        • Romantic E. Piano
        • Impact Hit.sf2
        • Nylon guitar clean.sf2
        • Choir OOOH.sf2
        • Bass guitar.sf2
        • Sitars. No sharps or flats!
        • Synth AAAAAAAAAAA.sf2
        • Slap bass is the greatest bass it_s the best bass in the whole wide world!.sf2
        • Piano that sounds like a nylon guitar sort of.sf2
        • Some orchestral instrument I think clarinet.sf2
        • Distorted synth bass DOOOOT.sf2
        • DING.sf2
        • Choir UH.sf2