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This is cool!
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Tambourine Hydrogen Drumkit and samples

by isis999

Uploaded on Nov 15, 2016 (and last updated on Nov 24, 2016)

Drumkit for Hydrogen, of various tambourine samples. The samples are provided as well. I've only cutted the silences before the attack. They are not otherwise manipulated in any way.

They come from the University of Iowa (USA), Electronic Music Studio. They are generously and freely available, and are published without any license.

Except one sample, Tambourine, wich comes from the Hydrogen official drumkits database: Gimme a Hand 1.0 , a drumkit from Glen MacArthur licenced under the CC-BY-SA license (the original license is joined in the zipped folder), that comes from the AVL Drumkits:

File content

    • tambourine
      • AVL-Drumkits CC-BY-SA License.pdf
      • README
      • Tambourine-Hard.wav
      • Tambourine-Hardest.wav
      • Tambourine-Med.wav
      • Tambourine-Soft.wav
      • Tambourine-Softest.wav
      • drumkit.xml
      • fingerroll-ff-1.wav
      • fingerroll-ff-2.wav
      • fingerroll-ff.wav
      • normal-ff-1.wav
      • normal-ff-2.wav
      • normal-ff.wav
      • sforzando-1.wav
      • sforzando-2.wav
      • sforzando.wav
      • shakeroll-ff-1.wav
      • shakeroll-ff-2.wav
      • shakeroll-ff.wav
      • tambourine.h2drumkit
      • thumbroll-ff.wav
      • thumbroll.-ff-2.wav
      • thumbroll.ff-1.wav
      • wtfpl-badge-1.png