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KBH Real and Swelling Choirs

by lfz

Uploaded on Jul 22, 2016 (and last updated on Nov 23, 2016)

EDITED: Now the note range goes from C3 to C7

Originally I heard the choir soundfont in this video and wanted it, but couldn't find it anywhere. This soundfont is something that I found (with no sign of author or any metadata) in a forum thread with a collection of orchestral sounds and edited it to create a similar sound of voices swelling in volume.

You'll find voice aahs and oohs, a mix of both slow and immediate attack versions of the sounds. See the demo included below for a taste of the sound.

Have fun!

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File content

  • KBH_Real_and_Swell_Choir.sf2
    • 000 - EOP
    • 000 - Vocal Oooh
    • 001 - Vocal Aaah
    • 002 - Mix - Choir
    • 003 - Little Swell Choir
    • 004 - Swell Choir
    • 005 - Swell Oooh
    • 006 - Swell Aaah

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