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This is cool!
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Tartina's AMS patches

by Tartina

Uploaded on Jul 02, 2016

Patches for Alsa Modular Synth made by Guido (tartina on github).

Lots of old-timey and analog sounding stuff and a few emulations of famous sounds by the band Pink Floyd. Give it a try!

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File content

    • tartina_ams
      • LICENSE
      • README
      • anycolor.ams
      • fmmadness.ams
      • gabbiano.ams
      • mymoog.ams
      • obscured.ams
      • ontherun.ams
      • pulse_madness.ams
      • pwm_desync.ams
      • pwm_fm_seq.ams
      • shine_lead.ams
      • wind.ams