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This is cool!
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NEW! Mother 3 Soundfont 2023 Update (1.0)

by Shigisato Itoi & Nintendo

Uploaded on Jan 02, 2023 (and last updated on May 18, 2024)

Happy New Year everyone! And what a new year indeed as it has been 7(!) years since fluidvolt released his Mother 3 soundfont to the world. And in that time many individuals have made a lotta amazing tracks with it. And while his soundfont was usable and useful at the time, I think it could definitely use a bit of an update since then. Namely in reorganizing the instruments to be a bit more GM compliant, renaming instruments to be a bit more recognizable and touching up some of the instrument patches as to not include any weird sample mapping like in fluid's file.

I've also made some changes to certain samples, fine tuning them to be more pitch perfect, editing loop points to loop better if I can and I added some additional stuff like the Gameboy Metal Noise to the Drumkit section for more options and higher quality Wave Channel synths to replace the lower quality ones when ripping the game's instruments.

I've also changed up the drums to be more GM friendly as well instead of being one giant piano roll of fitting any and all drums into a preset. So now there's a Standard, Power, Electric, etc. Kits for the Drum Section. And if you're worried about any missing drum samples from the kits, don't worry because as always there will be a separate Percussion Soundfont included with the file download.

But on top of that, I've also included a Soundfont of all of the Sound Effects from the game too! Since there were far too many sound effects for me to include in the main soundfont or the percussion one, I've decided to dedicate a whole file of sound effects for you to play around with. I tried to name all of the samples as best as I could, hearing how they sound like + where I think they would play at, but like fluivolt said; names are only a suggestion and these sounds can be whatever you want them to be if you're creative enough.

I'd like to give a big thanks to the "NEWER VGM SOUND SOURCES" Google Sheets and the people behind it for locating some of Mother 3's original instruments for me to name and base off of when renaming the instruments for my soundfont.

I'd also like to give another big thanks to the team at Mother Forever for compiling 1800+ sound files from the game and doing their best to name off each and every one. They were helpful in renaming certain sound effects from the game. Some of it may have been inaccurate or they didn't know where the sound would play, but I tried to use my better judgement to see whether a sample should be named this by them or not.

And lastly I'd like to give a huge thanks to fluidvolt for his hard work on making his original Mother 3 Soundfont. Without it, it'd probably take me just as long as he did trying to figure out which instruments are what, haha.

And as always, here are the tools and programs I used to make this:

GBAMusRiper for ripping the game's sounds into a usable .sf2 file.

Polyphone for putting together this soundfont.

FL Studio and Fruity Soundfont Player for playback

Vital VST for reconstructing the Gameboy Wave Channel synths to be more higher quality and not stuck at 22.1khz.

And that's it, happy producing!

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These files have an unknown license, were obtained from unkown sources or were compiled from third party material.
Extra considerations: I don't own these sounds yadda, yadda, yadda...

File content

    • Mother 3 (2023)
      • Chorded Instrument Guide + Other.txt
      • Mother 3 NEW (Percussion).sf2
      • Mother 3 NEW (SFX).sf2
      • Mother 3 NEW.sf2
      • readme.txt