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This is cool!
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HiDef (my 4GiB Roland SC-88Pro SoundFont)

by stgiga, et. al. (check my Weebly)

Uploaded on Dec 05, 2022 (and last updated on May 19, 2024)

I'm stgiga, and here's my 4GiB Roland SC-88Pro soundfont from my Weebly but in a better place. This SF2 was made when I was, in essence, a 15-16yo trans girl (I'm now nonbinary, 21yo, and use they/them). It even supports the XG mode. It was designed to be compatible with the vast majority of MIDI files, including exotic ones that used the 88Pro, especially Japanese MIDIs. I made it in 2018 when I was fed up with broken MIDIs. It was a pain to make and often involved using school computers and USB drives in very special time gambits. It was truly a labor of love, finished on May 25th, 2019, 5 days before I turned 17. (I was 20 as of the time of uploading this bank.) I even worked on it during IRL struggles, so I was truly dedicated to fixing MIDI. This SF2 more-or-less helped the SC-88x SF2 community made by people such as Yingchun Soul/Elf of H and L in the activities section, or StrixSF2/Star Guardian (among other handles). Starlight Dream, The Multi-Elemental SoundFont/TMESF, KOR/Killer Otaku Robots, Enchant, Eternal, Natural Dream, DSoundFont Ultimate, NeoVaporWave, LightSolaris, Charm, New Wave Paradise Plus, Super Italo DiscoFont, "Friendship", "Pleasure", New Wave Paradise, 90's Retro Vintage, Lineary Tales/LATales, and ALL SC-88x sf2s made by these authors I have not mentioned ALL are more-or-less descendants of this bank, which is also a descendant of many (my Weebly website goes into extensive detail and has what is essentially a development log).

In PSG Cabal Discord, I was given PSG Veteran for making this bank, and the owner considers it to be invaluable to the SF community. And yes, this bank IS 4 gigabytes, so some players will complain, even though those players that complain are violating the spec. This SF2 helped expose a 4 gigabyte sf2 rejection bug in FluidSynth that got fixed in 2.2.2. Please stop using signed integers or floats for SF2 file size if you write SF2 programs.

This SF honestly makes composing for BETTER devices than MSGS good.

I hope you enjoy this fine release!

Stay safe, stay home, and wash ur hands!

Best Wishes,


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