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This is cool!
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NEW! Mother 1+2 Soundfont (1.01)

by Shigesato Itoi & Nintendo

Uploaded on Nov 24, 2022 (and last updated on Dec 23, 2022)

(1.01 Update): I completely forgot to include GBA Mother 1's exclusive kick sample, this update includes that. I'll be honest seeing as there isn't a easy way to extract the sample itself due to Mother 1's sound engine appearing to be different/not use Sappy, I couldn't rip the sample itself from within. So what I decided to do was to use the mGBA emulator, turn off all the PSG Square and Noise channels leaving me with only the sample playback of the kick. I then recorded certain tracks that featured the kick and saved it all as an audio file to .wav from audacity and picked out which track had the most ideal playback of the sample (since at times the kick would cut off too early depending on the song or be too high-pitched for practical use) I also edited the sample a bit since if the kick were pitched down it would cause a "tinny" metal noise on the high-end that didn't appear when the kick played in tracks in-game. I tried to fix that so hopefully it wouldn't be as "tinny" now for any use of your own.

(Original Description): After spending an embarrassingly large amount of time on and off, fine-tuning instruments to the best of my ability and organizing them, I can proudly preset what I consider to be the BEST Mother 1+2 Soundfont!

Here are all the cool new features compared to using the instruments from Earthbound: -Higher quality Overdriven Guitar -Extended version of Overdriven Guitar -...And many more!

Okay I know this isn't really that big a deal using this over Earthbound, but there are some notable differences between this and the instruments found in the SNES version such as better loop points and certain samples having higher quality, more finely tuned instruments, as well as featuring some exclusive samples not seen in the SNES version. So yeah that sounds pretty good right? Maybe you outta give it a gander.

I've also included a seperate Soundfont which contains Percussion instruments for ease of pitching individually, as well as some Miscellaneous stuff I couldn't really fit into the main soundfont.

I want to give a special thanks to Sleepytimejesse and Juicestain for their soundfonts acting as a base for creating this one. Mainly helped with naming samples, where they should go based on bank/patch path and for copying the release values to be used on similar instruments.

And as always, here are the programs I used when making this:

GBA Muse Riper by Bregalad for extracting the samples into a usable soundfont

Fruity Soundfont Player by FL to play the soundfont when testing.

Edison, Parametrics EQ 2, FL Limiter, 3x Osc and Wave Candy also by FL helped when trying to fine tune the samples.

GTune also helped with tuning.

Polyphone for making the soundfont.

And yeah that should be about it, happy producing!

P.S. This should work on most Soundfont Players, especially old-FSP, so hopefully there won't be any mishaps or hiccups when trying to play this back.


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    • Mother 1+2 Soundfont (1.01)
      • Mother 1+2 NEW (Percussion + Misc.).sf2
      • Mother 1+2 NEW.sf2
      • readme.txt