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This is cool!
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HS Synthetic Electronic v1.0 Soundfont

by Thomas Hammer

Uploaded on Jan 19, 2016 (and last updated on Jan 19, 2016)

Synthetic electronic sounds.

Pads, basses, arpeggiator-friendly stuff, blips and more. All sounds are based on synthetic samples from the Korg M1. There are plenty (58) of samples to play around with here if anyone feels like recreating some M1 sounds.

Last updated August 9th 1998, expect new updates in the near future.


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All Rights Reserved to Thomas Hammer

File content

    • hs_se.txt
    • HS Synthetic Electronic.sf2
      • 000-000 Solar Winds (Pad)
      • 000-001 Steel Sea (Pad)
      • 000-030 Autumn Keys
      • 000-035 Computer Game Piano
      • 000-060 Fat Saw Bass
      • 000-061 Streetwise (bass)
      • 000-062 SubBass SimpleSine
      • 000-070 Brighton
      • 000-071 Killer Bee
      • 000-090 BitBlip
      • 000-091 DeepMetalThing