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This is cool!
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Sony Ericsson SF2 WIP

by RibénDíaz232

Uploaded on Aug 29, 2022 (and last updated on Aug 29, 2022)

Idk how to start writing this xd. It is clearly not Clickbait for those who have been looking for this sound source for a long time, but now is the time (well not totally).

This recreation has been thanks to the fact that I was able to get my hands on a Sony Ericsson of the W580i model, which, thanks to it, I was able to create by using Audacity recording, and using the Bluetooth A2DP format, I was able to record notes of each instrument, and enter it into a soundfont creation program "Vienna Soundfont Editor".

As you might have seen from the title, it's a work in progress, which, I've only been able to advance a few instruments, leaving the soundfont half done. What is the reason why you have uploaded the file, leaving the file in process halfway? easy, and if something happens to me, be it some cause, illness or even death? (well, I exaggerated that last one), obviously no one close to me knows about this project more than me.

I started this project a few months ago, and, for university reasons, I have left this project halfway through, so some instruments that you think are your favorite, may not be there. Clearly there are some instruments that can have certain details, such as uneven volume (whether one instrument sounds louder than another); or that it is distorted if the note is played on a high note, so it may be solved as the versions go by.

Now, to say what this file includes, I would be extending myself quite a lot, and well, what a laziness to write everything, so I will be brief: It is clearly a fanmade type file for those who like soundfont files to reproduce it in their midi files. Obviously, being a recreation and being a WIP, it will not be totally identical if it were reproduced with the real hardware of a Sony Ericsson; In this case and from what I could compare with other sound banks of other Sony Ericsson models, this version of the W580i model has low audio quality of the instruments, compared to others that have a normal audio quality; so this soundfont may not sound so realistic, comparing with real hardware; don't heavily compare an .sf2 file to real hardware.

Now, what will happen to this file? receive by getting updates where you include missing instruments? Yes. I wanted to publish this file so you could comment on this work in progress, from which to get feedback about this fanmade guy (if i can call him that).

From what I would have understood, this would be the first file, which despite not being a 100% finished file, would be the first in history, if it were a Sony Ericsson soundfont file (at least from the most common soundbank for phones from 2006 - 2010 approximate).

All credits and reserved rights will correspond to Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB (although it doesn't exist anymore, but its just in case xd); how me, by type ripping the instruments to implement it in a soundfont file.

If you want to listen to some midis songs, where it is played using the real hardware of the SE W580i, you can visit my youtube channel, the same one where I have been able to create this file in process. Without this phone, it would not be possible to create this file, as well as to use it for some midi songs uploaded to my YouTube channel.

This file can be used without any problem, sure, if you leave credits of its due author (I mean me, who else :v xd). If you want to leave a comment, go ahead, it seems to me that commenting is allowed, otherwise I would have to leave my gmail email for any comment, proposal, collaboration or use permission. Doesn't matter I guess:

The download is available both on this page, as well as on Mediafire. Current file version: Past versions of this file do not currently exist, as it would overwrite as you input instruments. Proposed goal of having a final version, it would be up to 0.16.8.x (or 1.0.0.x) This file has been tested with more than 1000 midi files taken from some corner of the internet, and own, so the parity so far between the file and the real hardware of the W580i is close to 75% approx :")

Note: I am totally independent and totally oblivious to any project, whether finished, or work in progress that currently exists.

Be careful if I see this file reloaded in some external source :) Thanks.

File created by a Mexican.

¿...y ahora qué sigue? Nada, supongo, solo sigue con tus estudios... Ok.


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Extra considerations: This file is available from fan to fans, so it for be a work in progress, you won't have to wait a long time for when the file is completely finished, at least not it a permanent pause.

File content

  • Sony_Ericsson_SF2.sf2
    • 000-000 Acoustic G. Piano
    • 000-001 Bright A. Piano
    • 000-002 Electric G. Piano
    • 000-003 Honky-Tonk Piano
    • 000-004 Electric Piano 1
    • 000-005 Electric Piano 2
    • 000-006 Harpsichord
    • 000-007 Cavinet
    • 000-008 Celesta
    • 000-009 Glockenspiel
    • 000-010 Music Box
    • 000-011 Vibraphone
    • 000-012 Marimba
    • 000-013 Xylophone
    • 000-014 Tubular Bells
    • 000-015 Dulcimer
    • 000-016 Drawbar Organ
    • 000-017 Percussive Organ
    • 000-018 Rock Organ
    • 000-019 Church Organ
    • 000-020 Reed Organ
    • 000-021 Accordion
    • 000-022 Harmonica
    • 000-023 Bandoneon
    • 000-024 Nylon String Guitar
    • 000-025 Steel String Guitar
    • 000-026 Jazz Guitar
    • 000-027 Clean Guitar
    • 000-028 Muted Guitar
    • 000-029 Overdriven Guitar
    • 000-030 Distortion Guitar
    • 000-031 Guitar Harmonics
    • 000-032 Acoustic Bass
    • 000-033 Fingered Bass
    • 000-034 Clean Guitar
    • 000-040 Violin
    • 000-041 Viola
    • 000-042 Cello
    • 000-048 String Ensemble 1
    • 000-049 String Ensemble 2
    • 000-050 Synth String 1
    • 000-051 Synth String 2
    • 000-052 Choir Aahs
    • 000-053 Voice Oohs
    • 000-055 Orchestra Hit
    • 000-056 Trumped
    • 000-057 Trombone
    • 000-058 Tuba
    • 000-059 Muted Trumpet
    • 000-060 French Horn
    • 000-061 Brass Section
    • 000-062 Synth Brass 1
    • 000-063 Synth Brass 2
    • 000-075 Pan Flute
    • 000-076 Accordion
    • 000-080 Square Wave
    • 000-081 Saw Wave
    • 000-082 Synth Calliope
    • 000-085 Solo Voice
    • 000-089 Warm Pad
    • 000-091 Choir Pad
    • 000-094 Halo Pad
    • 000-095 Sweep Pad
    • 000-096 Ice Rain
    • 000-098 Crystal
    • 000-099 Atmosphere
    • 000-100 Bringhtness
    • 000-101 Globin
    • 000-102 Echo Drops
    • 000-119 Reverse Cymbal
    • 128-000 DrumKit